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lululemon running clothes @penny9793 Turbo Tax hangs on to returns

want someone to double-check the return before you send it. I did my taxes on my own in college and for the 1st 2 years of work, then switched to H&R Block after having a return rejected and getting an enormous tax bill instead of a refund. After going with H&R Block for several years, I used TurboTax for the 1st time this year and will probably use them from here on out for several reasons:1) It's a lot less expensive2) The process is far more transparent. For the 1st time ever, I was actually able to make sense of the logic behind the return3) It's faster4) You get electronic copies of your return, unlike H&R Block's paper copies* which can easily be lost/damaged *Seriously? How hard is it to email clients PDFs of their returns? @jdrch I have used HR Block online for several years. I have my returns saved as PDF's on my computer and at my fingertips. I don't remember how I saved them,[url=http://www.lululemononsales.com]lululemon running clothes[/url], but did so easily and without contacting them.  @jdrch Some clients do prefer having a paper copy of their return,[url=http://www.lululemononsales.com]sheer lululemon yoga pants[/url], especially older clients and ones that aren't all that comfortable with computers.Though it would be nice if we could at least offer the PDF as an option for those that want it. i would use hr block before i use turbo tax ever again.they have some of the worse people working for them i have ever come a cross. I filed my taxes with their company and they are in limbo and no one in their company can figure out why and their say  just redo the taxes and try again. I have never and this kind of trouble with hr block. When I spoke with a person in the corp office they said they can hold on to the taxes for half a month before sending them in prime time season. That is not customer service!  @penny9793 Turbo Tax hangs on to returns?The only time I can remember a return getting stuck was when the IRS decided not to accept returns with certain forms until a certain date (right now it's education credits,[url=http://www.lululemononsales.com]lululemon we made to much[/url], they told us February 15th but it looks like they're pushing it back to March).  In my district we make sure to call all of our clients that have those returns and let them know what the issue is, and keep them updated if we find out exactly when the IRS will accept them.Most of the other returns that filed electronically are accepted by the IRS in five minutes or less.  And we can always double-check the status of a return at any time.Except when the IRS server crashes...that was fun... Turbo Tax has no offices but HR Block has many offices. If you have any questions on turbo tax, you can not talk to a real person. Some people need and appreciate the personal touch, this campaign is aimed at them, though they do not offer any similar service In effect they are claiming that the "nothing" they offer is better than the people at HR Block offices. The last time that I used HR Block was in 2002. For years my returns were negliable and I never understood why until I began using Turbo Tax. I taught myself how to do my taxes and my returns doubled the first year in 2003 and this showed me that HR was cheating me out of money. HR has not incentive to make sure you're getting everything owed. From my perspective they will only do the minimal work required and they'll assume you'll never ask any more questions or figure out that they're making mistakes. Now I have a new tax preparer and I receive a minimum $5k every year. HR will never do my tax filing ever again.  @ClydeBarrow Not sure what you mean by "no incentive."  There's still a major customer service component, and too many upset customers means someone's going to end up out of a job.   For many years my mechanical engineer father moonlighted for H & R Block during tax time. He considered tax math simple and had no trouble understanding Block's manuals and IRS instructions.  Today, with software, tax prep is basically an unskilled job unless your return is crazy-complicated. I've used TurboTax online for some years. Even with several types of freelance income and a separate business return for me and one for my wife in addition to our joint 1040, it has never taken me muchRelated articles:


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